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Cryptocurrency uses a digital system and works as a medium of exchange. It employs cryptography to bring unique transactions and certify them. Through global ledger, cryptocurrency makes it possible for global transactions without fees, free from third parties and regulators.

Our traditional financial system is doomed to fail, either way, you have to find an alternative that will stay still when the conventional financial market collapse. Banks are printing tons of paper money that lose their value in the circulation process.

The value of each coin depends on the global market. We all share the movement of these coins. Though cryptocurrency has fluctuations, it is part of it. There is no guarantee win, but there are higher chances.

In some countries, people would need third party companies. These third-party companies will buy crypto coins for real dollars. But as the influence of cryptocurrency grows, coin holders can now buy plane tickets, book hotel, avail rental cars coupon code & discounts and more. Or you can use the coins to trade.

Our platform is secured using 2-factor authentication (2FA). No hackers would crack it for you unless you are not being careful with your transactions. Regarding security, we have created a special section to tackle the potential threats to your 2FA code.

Go to your wallet, enter the how much coins you intend to withdraw, and choose a platform to transfer the coins. You will be prompted to enter the 2-factor authentication (2FA) key, and the coins will be transferred within seconds. To view your balance, click on “balance”, and our system will show the remaining balance after the withdrawal.